Our Mission

At Tourus, our goal is to provide the adventurous, fearless and brave ones around the world with safe, high quality water products at a reasonable price so you can focus and enjoy the adventures a whole lot more

Who We Are

We are a company from Los Angeles, CA. We currently provide inflatable paddle boards but we are constantly working on adding more fun products to our brand. There are so many adventures that you can experience in the water and we are working really hard to come up with more products. That’s why we put a lot of time, energy and research into the products that we offer. 

Where Are We Heading

We sell our products online and now we ship WORLDWIDE. Our goal is to someday see our product on shelves at the store! We are working hard to reach that goal. We will also be expanding our product line soon so be sure to subscribe for updates on new product releases!

Our Team

iSUP 11' Long Beah

Paul G

Originally from Peru, came to the states in 2005 and have been living in California since then. Some of my hobbies are paddle boarding, soccer, golf, snowboarding and I also love to spend time by and in the water. I'm also into tech gadgets.

I, personally, test every single product that we sell before we put it out on the market to make sure it works as intended and to make sure that the quality is up to our standards.
The picture above is from our meetups group in Long Beach. If you are in the area and want to join us send me a message. We usually out in the water Tuesdays, Thursday and Weekends. Any levels are welcome, we have pretty amazing coaches that will show you how to use your board if you are brand new to paddle boarding.

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